Sunday, July 20, 2008

Veterinarian saves a Hooked Shark

David Blyde, an Australian veterinarian saved a 10-foot long gray nurse shark that swallowed a grappling meter-long hook. Well, to release the hook, the veterinarian had to put his shoulder between the jaws of the shark. Take a look at the picture.

Divers spotted the hooked shark on Monday, as it swam with a group of others near Byron Bay, 500 miles north of Sydney. After the animal was captured and placed in a holding tank, rescuers pushed a stiff plastic pipe into the shark's throat. Then, Blyde reached down through the pipe to free the hook, that was stuck in the animal's digestive tract.
The gray nurse shark is one of Australia's most endangered marine species after being fished to near-extinction, with some estimates running as low a fewer than 300 animals left in the wild. The gray nurse shark is generally much smaller than the more aggressive great white sharks and not considered a threat to humans. Still, its bite could still do serious damage. So, Blyde did a great job by risking his life, to save the endangered animal. Link