Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chinese uses Live Fish as Ornaments

There are endless examples of man's cruelty against animals. Take an example of the live fish ornaments, that are getting popular among teenage girls in Chengdu, China. The fish ornament, which costs about 20p each, are very popular among girls as necklaces or bag decorations. How can someone wear a live, innocent creature as pendent?

In this weird ornament, a live fish is kept inside a sealed plastic container, which contains water, fish food and two solid oxygen balls. According to the manufacturer, the fish can live up to three months inside the container and can be released in ponds or tanks by breaking open the pendants.

Instead of swimming in open water, the creature struggles inside a tiny container. Is it not cruelty against the fish? I think, using animals as ornaments is a sign of poor mental health. Experts from the Sichuan Provincial Marine Life Research Center has already protested against this upcoming trend and demanded it to be banned. Yes, it must be banned and the guilty must be punished.


  1. Yoav said...

    This is horrible and appalling. I truly do believe that humans like that don't deserve life. Sadly enough, it's most of humanity that is like that. Perhaps not to that extent, but still...