Friday, July 18, 2008

Missing Dog found after 5 Years

Take a look at the dog in the picture above. This is Rocco, a beagle, which went missing in New York five years ago. In the picture, the little girl is Natalie Villacis, the owner of Rocco. Natalie desperately searched her dog in the neighborhood with posters. But she failed and remained heartbroken until this week when a dog shelter in Hinesville, Georgia, reunited Rocco with Natalie.

Rocco was found walking down a road near Ford Stewart, a local army base in Georgia. The dog shelter successfully reunited Rocco with his family with the help of an identity microchip under his skin.

Cristina Villacis, Natalie’s mother, said that the family was shocked to get a call last week from a shelter in Hinesville, Ga., informing them that their long-lost pup had been found after half a decade. It was all because of the microchip implanted in the dog.

Natalie is happy to get back her loving dog. But, the question is how Rocco actually got all the way to Georgia, which is 850 miles away from New York? I think that this will remain a mystery!