Friday, November 23, 2007

Animal Liberation Front claims theft of hens

A radical animal rights group is claiming responsibility for the theft of about 100 hens from an egg farm near Spanish Fork, but the farm isn't sure there was a theft at all.

A communique purportedly from The Animal Liberation Front was sent on Tuesday saying that the group broke into a shed at Shepherd's Egg Farm on Nov. 1 and took 102 hens. The communique claimed the birds were held in cruel and inhumane conditions.

The statement said the stolen hens were given veterinary care and placed in new homes where they could live freely.

"They will all live out their full lifespan here instead of being killed when no longer profitable. In other words, these chickens can finally live like chickens," the statement said.

Mitch Head, a spokesman for Shepherd's Egg Farm, said the company adheres to the highest standards regarding the treatment and handling of its hens. Head also said the company is not sure that a burglary even took place. Link


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